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Soaring Heart Organic Side Dreamer Pillow

Soaring Heart Organic Side Dreamer Pillow


Product Description

The Side Dreamer Pillow has been specially designed for side sleepers. When you sleep on your side two things happen:  one, your head sinks down which makes your neck bend; and two, your shoulders collapse. Thus, side sleepers often suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to strain. Here’s why:

Sleeping on your side puts a lot of pressure on your lower shoulder, while your upper shoulder is left unsupported, which makes it sag. This sagging,or collapsing, causes stress on the joints and muscles, leading to sore and strained shoulders in the morning.

As for your neck, when the pillow you sleep with isn't lofty enough to fill the space between your head the mattress, or supportive enough to keep it properly elevated, the weight of your head will pull the neck out of alignment. This creates neck pain and can even lead to snoring, headaches, and pinched nerves.

The Side Dreamer Pillow's boomerang shape addresses both of these fundamental issues. Firm and lofty, it will keep your head properly elevated, opening the airways, and supporting the neck in good spinal alignment. Place you head on one section of the arch, while hugging the other. The pillow will prop up your arm as well as your head, reducing not only neck strain, but shoulder sag.

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