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Soaring Heart Organic Body Pillows

Soaring Heart Organic Body Pillows


Product Description

For people who sleep on their sides; hip, shoulder, and neck pain can be commonplace. When you sleep on your side the most important thing is to keep you spine, hips, and neck in proper alignment, the "neutral position." The mattress you are sleeping on is a major factor, contouring and molding to the curves of your body, supporting you and keeping the spine in the neutral position. What your mattress cannot do is keep your hips and shoulders open. Gravity causes the upper leg and arm to collapse or sag, which creates strain on the hips and shoulders.

Body pillows stop your shoulders and hips from collapsing, by providing support for the upper arm and leg, keeping them properly elevated in their natural position, the same upright position they would be in if you were laying on your back. Hug the body pillow and throw your leg over it, this lets the body pillow hold up your limbs, allowing your muscles to fully relax and taking the stress off the joints.

The support of a quality body pillow is essential for times of skeletal stress, like that experienced by women during pregnancy.  Achieving and maintaining a neutral spine position is important to counterbalancing the increasing weight of baby.  By the end of the second trimester, the pelvis, pubic bone and tailbone form the anterior tilt that will accommodate baby’s growth -and create discomfort for mom!

Soaring Heart body pillows come with one 100% organic cotton sateen pillowcase in addition to zippered organic cotton encasement. Our Premium Body Pillows are available in two sizes, standard and small. Standard body pillows measure 64 inches and smalls measure 48 inches.

Product Videos

Choosing The Right Pillow - Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company (03:39)
Watch this video to learn from our pillow builder how to select the right pillow for you. Visit our website at http://www.soaringheart.com or call us at 206-282-1717 for more information.
  • Choosing The Right Pillow - Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company
    Watch this video to learn from our pillow builder how to selec...

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