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Eight Sleep Tracker - Smart Dual Zone Mattress Topper

Eight Sleep Tracker - Smart Dual Zone Mattress Topper

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Product Description

The Eight Sleep Tracker is a dual-zone sensored mattress cover designed to personalize and improve sleep for everyone. Eight senses and analyzes multiple data points from your sleep patterns and bedroom environment, to determine the conditions that help you, and even your partner, rest your best. Unlike wearables or smart watches, Eight’s advanced algorithms use more than just your wrist’s movement to determine how you are sleeping. Plus, you don’t have to remember to wear it every night.

Make Sleep Data Discoveries

Wake up to a sleep report each morning, with everything from your total amount of sleep, to when you fell into the deepest sleep stage. Over each week and month, see how your sleep trends over time. Eight identifies patterns and provides insights so you discover how to sleep better.

Create The Dream Bedtime Routine

Design the ideal sleep routine and bedroom environment to get a better night's sleep. From dimming the lights as you get into bed or waking up gently to a smart alarm, choose what works best for you. Any Eight feature is 'set and forget', so all your favorites happen automagically.

Sleep Tracking

See nightly data and discover trends to improve your sleep. The Eight Sleep Tracker uses ballistocardiography sensors to sense body movement, breathing rate, and other factors, and determine when you're awake or asleep, in and out of bed, and in different sleep stages.

Home Integrations

Sleep in a smart bedroom by connecting Eight to any other smart home product via IFTTT. Create automated triggers that simplify your evening and morning routines.

Bed Warming

A warm bed helps you relax and sleep comfortable. Set the ideal temperature for warming each side of the bed. You and your partner can select different temperatures so you both sleep better together.

Product Videos

Eight Sleep Tracker: Track Your Sleep & Live Better (01:46)
Get yours today: http://eightsleep.com The world’s first mattress cover that intelligently warms your bed, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart. Eight learns your sleep patterns and habits to manage the temperature of your bed and communicate with smart home devices to provide you with comfort, convenience, and security while you sleep. On its own, Eight will learn your regular bedtime and set your bed to a comfortable temperature before you get into bed. While you sleep, Eight continues to adjust your bed temperature with the option to have a different temperature on each side of the bed, so both you and your partner can set your own preferences. To help you wake up, Eight can detect your lightest point of sleep to set your smartphone alarm to go off at just the right time, without leaving you feeling groggy. Eight also measures: - Sleep Phases - Heart Rate - Breathing Rate So you can see how restful your sleep was, without having to deal with "wearables." Most of all, it's washable and easy to maintain! Eight: A Smart Bed Cover for a Better Night's Sleep. Get yours now: http://eightsleep.com
  • Eight Sleep Tracker: Track Your Sleep & Live Better
    Get yours today: http://eightsleep.com The world’s first mat...

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